Onda Exchange

Onda is an emerging brand based in San Francisco, California. The design aesthetic honors the natural forces at play in mother earth and in the human experience. Our statement and design draw from ritual, mythology, symbolism, and the interaction of strength and softness intrinsic in female energy.

Our mission is to empower everyone to adorn with art that makes them stand out - that pushes past barriers of should, could, and would. We are here to hold them accountable for what they radiate, and boost them to their brightest expression. As we connect to our innermost wisdom and shine that out through our actions, thoughts, adornments, and offerings, we unconsciously shine light on others, inspiring them to them to brightly thrive along their own path.

The Artist

Designer Brandi Zorzy makes each piece by hand, with love, in her San Francisco studio. She is committed to sustainable practices, re-purposing and up-cycling whenever possible. She uses earth-friendly processes and materials.

She is ever-inspired by mother earth and her sacred geometry, divine mythology, Vedic scripture, and all philosophy. She views all her work here on this earth as divine play, and hopes that this connection to her inner world shines out through her work.

100% Handmade


Every item you find in the Onda pages is made by hands with love and intention. Slight variants in pieces are natural and to be expected. For custom work, including wedding bands, please send an inquiry.